For Hydrating

Intensive Hydrating Cream 96

Silky smooth light-textured moisturiser

Product description

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  • Soft, light moisturiser with long-term reserve effect
  • Provides continuous moisture, regenerates the cells, protects against skin ageing
  • It is rapidly absorbed and guarantees the perfect penetration of moisture into the skin
  • Vitamin A supports cell regeneration, and vitamin E and a UV filter protect the skin against external factors and premature ageing
  • The complexion glows with freshness and lines are smoothed.

Hydra-Nutritive Cream 96B

Rich moisturising cream with long-term reserve effect for dry skin

Product description

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  • Rich moisturising cream with long-term reserve effect
  • Offers continuous hydration, leaves the skin more resistant
  • Counteracts skin ageing
  • Natural oils increase the skin's resistance just like vitamin A, which prevents cell damage
  • Contains vitamin E and a UV filter to protect against environmental and sun damage

Intensive Action Hydrating Serum 98

Moisturising serum rich in active ingredients

Product description

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  • High-performance moisturising fluid to complement your daily care
  • Provides round-the-clock moisture and simultaneously activates its ability to capture and store water
  • Protects against premature ageing of the skin
  • The elasticity and resilience of the complexion are reinforced.